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form 2 drama-Rumpelstiltskin...


“Rumpelstiltskin” is a story about a miller and his wife who lie to the king that their daughter (Lisa) could spin straw into gold. The king takes Lisa to his castle and locks her in a high tower room which has a big heap of straw and one spinning wheel. As suggested by the father, the king instructs her to spin the straw into gold by morning, or be executed. She has given up all hope when a strange little man appears in the room and spins straw into gold for her in return for her necklace. The king is impressed, but he wants more gold. The little man returns at night and spins gold for her in return for her ring. The greedy king wants more gold. So on the third night, when she has nothing to reward him, the little man spins straw into gold with one condition - that Lisa’s first-born child will be given to him.

The king is so impressed that he marries Lisa. However, when their first child is born, the little man returns to claim his reward.

 Lisa is frightened and offers him all the gold he wants if she can keep the child. The little man refuses but finally agrees to give up his claim to the child if Lisa can guess his name in three days. Will Lisa manage to guess the little man’s name?  What will happen if Lisa is unable to guess the right name?


Lisa's parents are always boasting about her ability to bake and make wonderful things.They intend to tell the king about her talent when he visits the village on that day. 

 When the king stops by their house,Lisa's mother offers him an apple pie and boasts about her daughter's talent and ability.Lisa's father even tells the king that thier daughter can spin straw into gold.

The greedy king brings Lisa back to his palace,and locks her in a tower with straw and a spinning wheel.

Lisa cries because she feel helpless.Suddenly,a starange little man apprears and helps to spin the straw into gold in return for her necklace.

In the morning,the king is pleased  to fing the gold.He takes her to a bigger room with even more straw.The little man visits her again at night,and agrees to help her in return for her ring.

The greedy king is very pleased to find the gold and promises to mary Lisa if shen can spin all the straw in the tower into gold.

At night,the little man visits Lisa again but she does not have anything of value to give him.The little man agrees to spin the straw into gold if Lisa gives him her first-born child.Lisa agrees.

The king delighted with the gold and marries Lisa.Lisa forgot about the promise she has made to the little man.

A year later,Lisa has a baby son.The little man appears to claim the child.Lisa tries to offer him all the  gold that she has,but the little man refuses.However,he makes a deal with Lisa in which she has to guess his name.If she unable to answer to,then he gets to keep the child.

Lisa has guesses three days.Lisa guesses wrongly for the first two days.On the third day,Lisa's parents decide to follow the little man into the woods and discover his name.

On the third day,when the little man comes to claim the child,Lisa correctly guesses his name.He is furious and vanishes in smoke.

Lisa's parents have learnt their lesson and promised not to boast about their daughter or their grandson anymore .


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